Graphic Design in the Post-Digital Age

A Survey of Practices Fueled by Creative Coding


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Graphic Design in the Post-Digital Age examines the challenges and opportunities in the wake of the rapid rise of creative coding within a growing community of designers opting to make their own design tools.

This comprehensive overview covers educational approaches in design programs and the historic and economic contexts of programming in graphic design, as well as the implications surrounding the integration of coding with design. The book includes over twenty interviews in which major figures in design reflect upon the ways in which coding has innovated and transformed their design practice and strategies, and the directions it will take in the future.

Introduction text by Demian Conrad, with an essay by Silvio Lorusso, and interviews by Demian Conrad and Rob van Leijsen with Dimitri Jeanottat (CH), Ted Davis (US), Urs Hofer (CH), Jeroen Barendse (NL), Casey Reas (US), Yehwan Song (KR), Luuse / Marianne Plano + Léonard Mabille (FR/BE), Sarah Garcin (FR), Tancrède Ottiger (CH), Jürg Lehni (CH), Loraine Furter (CH), Raphael Bastide (FR), Petr van Blokland (NL), Dinamo / Fabian Harb + Fabiola Mejía (CH), Johnson/Kingston / Ivan Weiss + Michael Kryenbühl (CH), Eurostandard / Pierrick Brégeon + Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek (CH), Zach Lieberman (US), Samuel Weidmann (CH), Erik van Blokland (NL), Studio Dumbar / Sander Sturing and Stan Haanappel (NL), Émilie Pillet (CH) and Dia Studio / Mitch Paone (US).

Editorial and research team: Demian Conrad, Rob van Leijsen, David Héritier, Aviva Cashmira, Nicolas Nova, Anthony Masure, Daniel Sciboz

Graphic Design: Johnson/Kingston


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