Freek Lomme

Freek Lomme, founder and owner of Set Margins’ publications, is an editor, publisher, producer, graphic designer, writer, lecturer, curator, poet, administrator, entrepreneur, and janitor. Lomme is dedicated to promoting awareness through diverse topics that explore visual culture, tolerance, and autonomy.

Freek is mostly known for founding Onomatopee with graphic designer Remco van Bladel in 2006 and directing it until 2022. Both at Onomatopee and when working as a curator for the Van Abbe museum and other museums and institutions, he curated a lot. He also wrote extensively for various magazines and books. While he enjoys writing, he either does not find the time or is not commissioned anymore, as it has somewhat faded away from his profile. Recently he started doing graphic design, which he enjoys as he can combine various things he was doing anyway more creative. In addition, he has written, published, and performed poetry and has produced records with spoken word, collaborating with invited musicians, or creating more conceptual albums. However, these are simply hobbies; a site for creative and expressive excess.

Most relevant, since the profession matters most, is that Freek is particularly interested in visual culture within the neoliberal regime and modes of collaboration on and organisation of independent culture and practice. That is his agenda, so to speak.