We Are All ….. Now

Drawing on Strategic Universalism


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‘We Are All ….. Now’ is inspired by a rhetorical phenomenon disseminated in the media with the intention of implicating people with an agenda. Sourced and quoted from the ‘We Are All socialists Now’ dating back to 1887 up to ‘We Are All Ukrainians Now’ dated 2022, this project presents a non-exhaustive list and illustrated artist visualizations of this rhetorical device named strategic universalism by artist / activist / researcher Daniel Tucker, presented here along with a new dialogue with the artist Dan S. Wang.

Because the original quotations are at times conflicting, this series of hand-drawn responses to each strategically universalist implication draws out a wide range of idiosyncratic symbolic approaches to interpretation – laying bare the struggle of different identities involved in the commitment to stand together.


“This is a delightful project about the promise and pitfalls of affiliative imaginaries. Daniel Tucker’s wry exploration of all the people and things we’ve claimed to “all be all now” should spark numerous and multifarious conversations!”
Rebecca Zorach

“Strategic universalisms is great! Just when I thought it might get corny, it becomes more intense and interesting and goofy and quizzical and spot on and hilarious and all-too-familiar.”
Brian Holmes

‮“‬The circle as the framing device they share‭ ‬implies a ground/tableau‭, ‬and I am the viewer‭, ‬outside‭, ‬above‭, ‬looking in‭… ‬but the subjectivity is very particular‭, ‬there is a strong sense of the mind of‭ ‬the situated artist thinking‭, ‬and at the same‭ ‬time a‭ (‬strategic‭) ‬universal standpoint‭, ‬like an aesthetic  ‘common sense’‬‭, ‬a mutual intelligibility of forms.‬”
Eric Triantafillou


  • TypeSoftcover, Swiss bound
  • Dimensions170 x 240 mm / 6.69 x 9.45 inch (portrait)
  • Pages128
  • ISBN978-90-832706-4-7
  • LanguageEnglish
  • BindingSwiss binding with linnen bound, sewn-glued book block
  • PaperMunken Print Cream 100 g (inside) and 300 g (cover)
  • Edition500
  • ColorAll black/ white, but all printed little off-black
  • PrinterPrinton, Talinn (EST)
  • FontArial (drawings by Daniel) and MingLiu (text in publication)
  • Image specs81 black/white images
  • DetailsBrillianta linnen (grey) on book-block in Swiss binding