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  • Meet-Up
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  • Book launch ‘What Design Can’t do’

24 NOV  |  5PM–9PM
25–26 NOV  |  11AM–9PM


Represented by Freek Lomme

Join us on Saturday 18 November for the launch of new book by Silvio Lorusso entitled What Design Can’t Do.

Design is broken. Young and not-so-young designers are becoming increasingly aware of this. Many feel impotent: they were told they had the tools to make the world a better place, but instead the world takes its toll on them. This book probes the disillusionment that permeates design. To depict this disheartening crisis, he crafts a new critical vocabulary for readers to build upon.

There will also be delicious tajines by De Duurzame Wereldkeuken available after the book launch, as the opening of Occult Economics begins.

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