Ulrike Mohr

Ulrike Mohr is a visual artist. Based in Berlin, she works with the concept of drawing, space, time and charcoal. Mohr’s artistic approach uses transformation processes of materials, which are influenced by complex research results, traditional knowledge and coincidence. Through observations of nature and materiality, the works create their own material presence.
Her position as a sculptor is the result of process-oriented handling of context-related materials, which Ulrike Mohr transforms into temporal dimensions, experiments and drawings in space. Over the past years, the burning of char has become a central instrument in her work. Mohr’s work is characterized by revealing relationships between the present and the past, aesthetics and science. Mohr has won Kunst am Bau projects and is represented in numerous international solo and group exhibitions and biennials.
She is the editor of the book series ANTHRAKOTHEK published by The Green Box Verlag in Berlin. Since 2015 she is curating and organizing the interdisciplinary, collaborative project WECHSELRAUM.