The Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University

The Guggenheim Gallery provides provocative exhibitions and educational programming creating a local connection to the national and international dialogue about contemporary art and a framework for an interchange between artists, scholars, students and the community at large. While the exhibitions feature contemporary art, they often address other disciplines and societal issues in general. Integrated into the curriculum, these programs contribute significantly to Chapman education.

Art in its many forms embodies a playing field of visibility, representation and writing of history. As part of the landscape of institutions that populate this field, we want to contribute to actively forming a vision of society and our campus community that is anti-racist and anti-oppression, where art is not produced and consumed as a luxury good, but as a means of convening and expressing a critical, ethical, and moral view of the world, and speaking truth to power.

We acknowledge our responsibility to reflect the multiplicity and diversity of society and continue to commit to helping unwarp its distorted reflection in the art world. We are committed to continually educating ourselves and the community we serve by exhibiting work that is contributing towards racial and gender equity and towards increasing diversity and inclusion. Through our exhibitions, events and virtual presence we pledge to raise the visibility and representation of Women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA Artists and their suppressed histories.