Seulbin Roh

Seulbin Roh studied fine art in South Korea, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.
Using strong color tones and complex patterns that have a resemblance to nature, the work of Roh addresses psychological issues and racial discrimination related to depression, spiritual insecurity, and emotional vulnerability. Out of an interest in human rights and psychological health, she aspires her work to emotionally connect, dissolving the barriers between the work and the viewers.
Seulbin Roh ­– born in Germany in 1996­ – attended Daejeon Art Highschool in South Korea. After moving back to Germany, she dropped out of high school and started focusing on creative work. In 2016 she moved to the Netherlands to start at the fine arts department at HKU University of Arts Utrecht. Starting of 2021, she will join the ‘Dirty Art Department’ master program at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.
As an artist member at art organization Kunstliefde in Utrecht, she is actively involved in the artistic scene of Utrecht.