Sarah Barns

I’m a strategist and storyteller, with a career spanning two decades working at the intersection of public culture, digital futures and creative communities.

Having built an early career in federal government policy and strategy, my fascination with urban culture and immersive technology led me to embrace a more creative, innovation-led pathway. I’ve never looked back.

For the past 15 years I’ve been engaged in the development of innovation strategies, storytelling tools and digital platforms designed to connect and inspire curious minds in shared spaces.

By nature interdisciplinary and partnership-led, I work by creating strong collaborations with diverse organisations, spanning state, local and federal government agencies, and with companies large and small across the built environment, arts, sustainability and technology sectors.

Ultimately, everything I do is driven by a commitment to creating inclusive, creative and sustainable places.

As a strategist, I’m inspired by the arts of co-creation, open innovation, and meaningful partnerships across public, private and community sectors.

As a citizen technologist, I’m committed to building technology tools and platforms that connect with audiences as engaged citizens, and prototype alternative futures.

And as an immersive media storyteller and practitioner, I love to create multi-sensory experiences that inspire curious minds.