Melani De Luca

Melani De Luca is a graphic designer, researcher, and artist. Her work is a critical reflection on contemporary cultural phenomena and their influence on society. She focuses on pop and visual culture, analysing social backgrounds connected to digital mass media. Her practice combines various media such as editorial design, sculpture, installation. In 2017 (first edition) and 2019 (second edition), she published her first book entitled Post-Butt, The Power of the Image with Onomatopee, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Melani De Luca holds an MA in Information Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven; she is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Design Sciences at Iuav, University of Venice, with research on working processes in visual identity projects and their potential augmentation through Machine Learning (ML). Through a deep focus on the creative process, her thesis proposes functional approaches to integrate the designer’s perspective on the development of new digital tools. The study reveals fruitful ways to augment identity design through ML rather than replace designers through automation.

She furthermore works as a lecturer in the BA Graphic Design and Digital Media at Abadir, Academy of Design and Visual Arts, Catania, Italy, and is a member of Ritmo, an independent cultural centre in Catania, Italy. Her commissioned work includes Art Direction, Branding and Identity, Editorial Design, Data Visualization, Web Design, Wayfinding.