Maya Ober

Maya Ober (she/her) is a designer, educator, researcher and turned anthropologist. In her practice she sees design and research as activist, socially transformative tools. Maya is currently a PhD candidate and lecturer at the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bern, Switzerland. Her research focuses on feminist practices of design and design education from an engaged anthropological perspective. In 2017 Maya founded an activist platform depatriachise design, and in 2020 she initiated an online directory mapping and documenting design educational initiatives that use feminist perspectives and pedagogies. As educator Maya co-conceptualized  the program Imagining Otherwise in 2018 and Intersectional Lab in Arts and Design in 2022 at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel. Since 2021 Maya has co-directed Futuress – a feminist platform for design politics, which is a hybrid between a learning community and a publishing platform.