Matteo Guarnaccia

Matteo Guarnaccia is a Sicilian designer based in Europe. After studying design in Barcelona, he had work experiences in Los Angeles and Madrid. Bouncing around inside an artistic environment he had the opportunity to expand his visions and thoughts in different artistic fields, such as graphic design and music. Numerous travel experiences helped Matteo to have a wider understanding on his surrounding, pushing him to learn from any new input. Believing on the true necessity of problem solving, he uses all different communication tools in order to bring a solution to the problem, that might be small, but eventually make a bigger difference in a wider impact. Matteo is currently applying his creative services, from graphic designs projects to products, only when is truly needed, while keep learning and smiling. Matteo is happy to have worked and collaborated with Tate Modern Exchange, CERN, Kvadrat China, Curro Claret, The Institute for PostNatural Studies, The Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, The National Gallery of Modern Art of Mumbai-India, Archivo y Arquitectura Mexico City- Mexico, the Macan Museum Jakarta-Indonesia, the African Artists Foundation in Lagos- Nigeria and many more.