Gavin Wade

Lives and works in Birmingham, UK.

Gavin Wade is an artist-curator, pragmatic utopian and serial collaborator. His practice combines upcycling, re-enactment and developing exhibiting structures for supporting the work of others. Gavin is a founder of, and co-runs, artist-run-multiverse Eastside Projects since 2008; is Senior Research Fellow at Birmingham City University; maker and curator of world-class public art, exhibition making, writing, music and publishing over the last two decades; and collaborates with his horticulturist wife Adrienne Wade on Triangle Garden, an exotic garden at their home in Birmingham.

Gavin learned the renga form from artists Alec Finlay and Paul Conneally making ‘100 Verses for 3 Estates’, Strategic Questions (2007) as part of a year-long public art commission. Since then he has developed a deep collaboration with Conneally creating #tantwenga and eleven 100 verse #twenga poems (with up to 18 writers) as a shared open workshop published using @eprjcts twitter platform as well as making music together.

His song 77 Verses (Once I moved about like the wind) and albums ‘Songs of the Modern World: Volume 1 + 2 (+ 3 forthcoming)’ on New Reality Records are available on most music platforms, and his many books include ‘Upcycle This Book’ (2017) and ‘Has Man A Function In Universe?’ (2008), both designed by collaborator James Langdon and published by Book Works.