Charlotte Gruber

Charlotte Gruber (PhD) is a researcher, lecturer and art criticspecialized in Contemporary Performance and Intermedia Art, with focus on their social and political implications. Charlotte works as writer, artistic coordinator, curator and creative consultant for businesses, artists and cultural institutions.

Methodologically she draws from Philosophy, Critical New Media Studies and Performance Studies besides others. As a guest professor at Ghent University she developed the international Master’s course ‘Political, Ethical and Social Aspects of the Performance and Media Arts’ and taught two additional courses at the Bachelor level.
She studied Culture and Technology (BA) and Theater Studies (MA cl). Her Master’s thesis ‘InterActions’ was awarded the Scriptieprijs by the Theater Institute Netherlands. She has contributed to – and organized – a number of international conferences on theater, arts, philosophy and politics. She develops workshops at the intersection of academia and artistic practice as a manner of cognitive activism. She is an editor of both academic volumes and art publications.
She is an active member of the Garden Of Delights collective.

Her artistic practice blends performance, post-conceptual poetry, installation and visual arts. She often chooses collaborative, collective as well as participatory approaches. Her works are sometimes humorous playful commentary on current (techno-) cultural phenomena. Other times they address more complex societal issues by exposing personal, raw but simple everyday experiences.
‘Our wounds are the reason we have defenses. Our defenses do not mainly protect us from hurt though. They are walls that keep us apart, that hinder and hamper genuine connection. Behind them we find ourselves in a desert of deep desires left unmet. The desert of our unmet desires becomes the capitalist’s gold mine.’
Charlotte considers cultivating shared vulnerability one of the most empowering skills to subvert alienation and the exploitative power-structures of our time. Due to her interdisciplinary background, her works are inspired by writings from across the humanities, and can be considered ‘annotations that have gotten out of hand’.
She shortly studied Mixed Media Art (Academie voor de beeldende kunsten Gent), dabbled in analogue photography and soundscapes, and has received early and long term training in acting (Volksbühne Rosa-Luxemburg Platz Berlin, Staatstheater Cottbus, CREA Amsterdam).