Brian W. Brush

Brian W. Brush is a designer and artist whose work explores the phenomenal visual effects that emerge from the interaction of light, material, and geometric structure in art. He is deeply interested in how volume, thickness, pattern, and translucency of material can entangle with light to produce ethereal and illusory beauty. This interest manifests as a distinct form of spatial sculpture that attempts to create visual and experiential atmospheres which extend the material boundaries of art to intersect with the perceptual field of the viewer. Driving the exploration of these effects is a fundamental sensitivity to site, where each piece is a unique opportunity to participate in the construction of meaning in the public domain. Visual signifiers of collective memory and cultural narrative are at the heart of his work as he attempts to artfully embody the indeterminate space between myth and reality that gives rise to the visual identity of place in public consciousness. The result is a vital and dynamic material platform capable of animating the feelings, behaviors, and curiosities of a diverse public which ultimately contribute to cultural resilience.