Angela Serino

Angela Serino is a visual art curator, writer, and researcher based in Amsterdam who has worked with artists-in-residencies programs in various roles for more than a decade. She was the curator of Residencies as Learning Environments (International Meeting of Residencies, 2015), and has written about residencies and time for Kunstlichts Unpacking Residencies issue (2018) and DutchCulture|TransArtistsmagazine Station to Station #4 (2022). She is interested in individual and collective moments of research, self-reflection and learning around feminisms, ecological belonging and permacultures. In 2020 she co-founded ARRC, a collective that studies art residencies with fellow researchers Pau Catà (Barcelona), Morag Iles (Newcastle), Miriam La Rosa (Melbourne) and Patricia Healy Mcmeans (Minneapolis). Angela is an alumna of De Appel’s Curatorial Programme.