Get together, Talk

In Thoughts, Together: craft, tradition, cosmopolite life’ as a nod to the book.

Set Margins’ is developing a book with Swedish designer Fadhel Mourali. In his work, Fadhel combines traditional Swedish craft, personal history and diversity, where his great-grandfather was a skilled basket maker, and he himself is a contemporary designer of mixed origin. Alongside the exhibition at Form/Design Center Malmo, featuring his work, Freek Lomme (Set Margins’) and Fadhel will present work, and discuss pathways through craft, bookmaking, storytelling and engagement.

We hope for nice openings in ideas and imaginings together; feel free to join if you are around. Freek might also bring books to show, and to sell.


This event is made possible thanks to the generous support of Svensk Form, IASPIS and Form/Design Center