Lecture, Talk

Design in Context – Set Margins’ talk at KMD art school Bergen (NO)

On April 15th Design in Context invites you to hear presentations from the two talented artists Kristian Pedersen and Freek Lomme (Set Margins)!

The event is free and open to everyone. See you there!


Kristian Pedersen:
Kristian Pedersen er formgiver, animatør og kortfilmskaper. Han er utdannet med en master i visuell kommunikasjon fra Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen.

Han har tidligere skapt poesifilmer i samarbeid med forlagene Gasspedal og Gyldendal, og kortfilmer med animasjonsstudioet Mikrofilm. Her jobber han også med design og animert grafikk for film og dokumentar. Kristians kortfilmer er tidligere vist på festivaler for film, animasjon og litteratur. Han er også gjestelærer i animasjon ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.


Set Margins / Freek Lomme
Freek Lomme is a publisher, editor, designer, curator, writer, and such. Freek is engaged with and exited by marginal voices, believing many of these voices have expressions and content to share which is relevant to share wider. To push for more engagement. Using the channels of both popular culture and cultures of art and design by means, Freek aspires contributes to something good to infect the hegemony of the patriarchal and technocratic which oud decadent democracies bring upon us.
www.freeklomme.com / www.setmargins.press

Freek founded Set Margins’ publications in September 2022, after having founded and directed Onomatopee from 2006 to 2022. As a support structure, a platform for production, a network and publisher, Set Margins’ is here to frame current impulses from the margin with particular focus for communication, forms of cooperation, and involved politics. Set Margins’ delivers critical experiences, discourse, and dialogue. Set Margins’ nourishes critical practices with a strong commitment to marginal voices. Set Margins’ facilitates inclusive production, be it social, intellectual, in merit, geographical, in means or otherwise, and offers curiosity and individuation.

In his presentation, Freek would like to open and discuss the cultures in the margin, and how woke-cultures should reach outwards, generous, and caring, and balance visual and textual semantics with the offer they bring to wider cultures; be diplomatic without becoming revisionist and corrupted to equally try and engage families and neighbors. He will share ideas and experiences that could help imagining together.
Freek Lomme
Set Margins’