Book launch

Book Launch ‘To Live As An Asian Woman’

At Limestone Books Maastricht.

Together with Limestone Books Maastricht we present:
‘Book Launch—’To live as an Asian Woman’ by Seulbin Roh

29 June 2023 (Thur.)
Location: Limestone Books Maastricht.

Seulbin Roh, an Asian woman born in Germany and residing in Europe, has experienced and observed instances of racist sexual objectification. Whenever she speaks out against such incidents, she finds that while most individuals stand in solidarity with her, some respond with aggression, either by scoffing or dismissing her. As an Asian female artist, Seulbin feels a strong sense of responsibility to address racial discrimination through her artwork. In ‘To Live As An Asian Woman’, she presents a compilation of racist and sexist comments that she has personally encountered. By doing so, she aims to raise awareness about the distressing and continual devaluation of the human dignity of Asian women, a reality that unfolds daily.

Seulbin Roh
make the paragraph shorter: Seulbin Roh’s artistic curiosity began when she faced a dilemma about her vulnerability. The question that it began with was, “Why am I fascinated by dynamic shapes and vivid colours?” The dilemma was closely related to her multicultural background. Moving to different countries as a child, she has always found herself a bit in-between. Missing the advantage of using her surroundings as a way to generate a sense of belonging for herself, she found a great tool to substantiate this quest for self-determination through making art.

* The event will be moderated by Jody Aikman